Passover 2020

Date of the passover festival :  from Friday 8 April to Saturday 16 April 2020
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Glatt kosher Passover programs 2020:

If the word Passover goes hand in hand with the word housework, Matsot from Pesach makes us think of of the Seder meal and it is a good opportunity to take a holiday.
Our site specialized in kosher vacations specializes in different bookings for your stay for Passover Resorts 2020.
Because is difficult to find the "Kosher programs" of your dreams during Passover, the site provides you with a user friendly navigation which is adapted to all (even beginners), with rich content which will provide you with the best search for the Pesach 2020 vacations.

It is never too early to book vacations, you can ask from today onwards for all the information which you need, by contacting us by mail on

We shall present you with the complete list of the Passover programs 2020, the best kosher hotels at the best prices, and we shall be pleased to accompany you during the reservation of your Passover holiday. Futhermore if you do not know which destination to choose as your Passover holidays we can assist you.

We are available via the chat, on the website to advise you according to your criteria.


For the Passover Seder plate here is what you will need utensils and dishes which are just for the Passover firstly a tablecloth which is clean secondly Matza seder plate with a shank bone, eggs, greens, one or two other types of bitter herbs, a charoset, Haggadah, kosher wine, salt water, bowl, wine glasses, Kosher meal, a prize for children, 

Z'ROA - Shankbone
KARPAS - Celery
MAROR - Bitter herb
HAROSET - Nuts and dates and wine
CHAZERET - Romaine Lettuce in salt water

You also need :

PRIZES like lollipops or sweets


Passover Hotels 2020:
Sun, beach or countryside? proposes you a multitude of destinations which you can easily find on our platform.
Stay connected, we are going to present you very soon our Passover holidays for skiing and Cannes!
There is something to suite all tastes and because we have done a lot of research, we have had a lot of feedback from different tour operators with a wide range of different propositions. Whether it be on a remote Greek island looking out to sea wondering where the stressful city noise has all gone or there again why not head down the mountain side with the spring sun beaming down on you.

You might like to get onto the dancefloor and let yourself go a little, whilst your children are having fun accompanied by a monitor in a designated play area. What about a few holes on a golf course in Miami before taking a drive along the coast, don't forget to bring your trendy clothes. Enjoying oriental music whilst breathing in the inimitable air in a Moroccan palace before heading off to one of the many sights such as the Pilgrimage of Tsadikim. Saviour the Renaissance in Florence, Italy home to Michelangelo and visit the Offices (Uffizi) Art Gallery or amble over the little bridges in the very quaint city of Venice. Most people are familiar with the famous Eiffel Tower but Paris has many places to visit not forgetting the amazing Louvre Museum and the synagogues.

Passover Resorts 2020, abroad or in France, the whole holiday can be organized simply by using the site choosing one option : Passover 2020 Spain - Cyprus - Crete - Greece -  France -  Israel - Passover 2020 Eilat - Jerusalem - Tel aviv - Italy - Ibiza - Swiss - Passover 2019 Morocco - USA - Pesach Miami - Pesach Florida - 
The best Passover 2020 packages are on our site, every day new dream destinations are added to our list of countries and cities. To stay in a resort for Passover 2020, it is possible. If you are looking for a kid-friendly getaway in a kosher resort for pesach 2020 then look no further.

Forget the stress and the fatigue accumulated. Why not get away from it all in order to relax in calm and exotic destinations . To stay in a resort, we can take care of everything from A to Z during your journey: kosher meals, comfortable rooms, activities, swimming pool … proposes you a selection of  kosher hotels which are top of the range and worldwide.
Luxury, relaxation and serenity within your reach for your Passover resort 2020.

For more information concerning your future Passover 2020 holiday, do not hesitate to contact us, we shall  help you to best organize your Getaway Pesach 2020. Safe journey and Nessia Tova on 2020! For your Passover 2020, kosher travel only on