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Why is Tunisia a perfect destination for your vacation ?

For thalassotherapy
Tunisia is famous for its many fitness centers, it has around 450. The thalasso & spa have spread across the country offering various services: sauna, massages or traditional hammams. Many hotels offer wellness services in order to find serenity during your stay.

To bask in the sun
It is well known that Tunisia is a sun destination! Do you prefer the beach or the pool? No need to choose, you will find plenty of places to bask in the sun by the water. Whether in Djerba, Hammamet or Monastir, multiple hotels will offer you the all-inclusive formula.

To play adventurers
Tunisia is also a country offering a variety of activities for adventurers. Whether on the back of a camel or in a 4*4, discover the desert of Tozeur or Chott el Jerid. Several excursions will be presented to you to discover the exceptional landscapes of this beautiful country.

To cultivate yourself
Go back in time by visiting the Roman remains. From Carthage to Kairouan, via the lane of Sidi Bou Said, you will discover a country steeped in history. Stroll through the souks or in the medina to discover local crafts.

The Jewish community in Tunisia

Each separate community in Tunisia is headed by a government-appointed committee. There are two community-run old age homes and five officiating rabbis: the chief rabbi in Tunis, a rabbi in Djerba, and four others in Tunis and other communities. There are several kosher restaurants, as most Tunisian Jews observe the laws of kashrut. Today the largest communities are in Tunis and in the island of Djerba. The Jewish community also has a small presence in the Tunis suburb of La Goulette. There are also approximately 200 Jews living in the Sousse-Monastir region on the Gulf of Hammamet. In July 2005, President Joseph Roger Bismuth was elected to the Chamber of Advisors, Tunisia’s upper house of parliament.

Traveling to Tunisia,  an excellent value for money

Saving money is good, but saving it for as long as possible is better! Enjoy your vacation at a lower price but with a maximum of activities. Tunisia welcomes you to its hotels, from traditional to luxurious, you are kings! With our selections and exceptional offers, you are guaranteed impeccable service at reasonable prices. Enjoy your trip with our inexpensive stays to Tunisia.

Kosher vacations Djerba

Djerba is a destination with a pleasant climate all year round. The most favorable months are: March, April, May, June, September and October. It is very hot there in July and August but its location by the sea makes the heat bearable. Temperatures range from 17 ° C (January) to 35 ° C (August).

Kosher vacations Hammamet

Hammamet is famous for its seaside resort. The best time to go is between April and November. Temperatures range between 16 ° C (January) and 31 ° C (August).

Kosher vacations Tozeur

Tozeur enjoys a desert climate, it is very hot in summer and cool in winter. The best months to go are between March and June, it is very hot there in July and August, temperatures can reach 40 ° C.

Kosher vacations Monastir

Monastir has a very mild climate. As in Hammamet, you have to go there between April and November in order to enjoy your stay. Temperatures fluctuate between 17 ° C (January) and 33 ° C (August).

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Tunisian Kosher Restaurants:

Brik el Hara Chez René
Rue des amandes, 4185, Djerba

Brik el Hara Chez Youna
Technocar, Houmt Souk

Restaurant Le Casino
Avenue de la République, La Goulette, Tunisie


Tunisian Synagogues:

Synagogue of Ghriba
Hara Sghira

Great synagogue of Tunis
36 Avenue de la Liberté

Synagogue Beit Mordekhai of La Goulette
Rue Khaznadar