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Kosher holidays have no limits, a great choice of Kosher Holidays, Cruises, Resorts, kosher vacation packages, Tours, weekend getaways,
Hotels and Vacation rentals in the world.


Opt for a holiday in the sun while eating kosher in the most beautiful places in America, Israël, Asia or Europe. We can advise you free of charge for passover programs 2019, please do not hesitate to contact us. Select your country below.

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Baroukh aba, if you are after a vacation you have come to the right place . Anyway we have a list of splendid kosher hotels, travel agencies, kosher cruises, ski resorts which provide kosher food and have a synagogue and discussions about Torah. Also evening events with special themes, activities for children and day-trips.
But what about a guided tour around an area of cultural interests and local specialities?
We can find the package you are looking for to suit your needs or even your budget. We can provide  half board or full board to suit your needs. By merely clicking on the drop-down menu because you can select your kosher destination and your ideal dates for Jewish festivals.