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What is it like in Morocco?

Suppose you are looking for a relaxing vacation in a luxurious and sumptuous place...... well keep on reading.

Meet some lovely Morrocan people!

This is a place where people are so easy going and welcoming, you will never stop finding new friends to chat to.

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The kosher vacations tips on your Passover in Morocco in 2019 -  List of kosher travels, kosher stays, kosher holidays in Morocco:

Passover 2019 Morocco

Passover 2019 in Morocco - VACATIONSKOSHER.COM***** This is the Kosher Morocco page: We made it for you, make the most of all the information on the page Kosher Travel Morocco. You will like Passover 2019 in Morocco, and if you want more details about our 2019 Passover in Morocco service providers you can find it here. Click on the drop-down Summer Winter Passover menu bar in order to be able to find out about all our experience concerning Kosher Trips in Morocco, VACATIONSKOSHER.COM provides you with all information about Morocco Passover in 2019, Finally All information that you need in real time.

Morocco where to sleep?

Several possibilities: If we stay in kosher Club in Morocco it's the only solution to sleep without particular problems of conveniences. Otherwise you can rent a seasonal rental in Morocco, which already a break on your 2019 Passover, and the last solution is much more expensive is to rent a kosher hotel near the nearest town in Morocco. If you want a tip it is better to go through a kosher organization in Morocco available on this site.

Eat Kosher in Morocco

Prior to eating any food in Morocco, it is advisable that you check that a certificate can be shown, otherwise if you are looking for something for the family, Alloj's recommendation is a kosher club to spend some time with your family!

How to move?

Passover 2019 Morocco, nothing more simple! On all Passover 2019 in Morocco located at the top of each trip you will find the map, so you can find the route easily! All around the world Alloj moves to find you the best Pesach 2019 Morocco, kosher club 2019, stays in 2019. Travel kosher the promises the most unusual moments! If you want to go kosher soon contact us, we will make a pleasure to make you travel kosher cheap!

Have a nice trip in Morocco
Nessia Tova!

List of Moroccan kosher places 


Casablanca's Kosher restaurants

Cercle de l'alliance
7 street Lacepede Casablanca

Cercle de l'Union 
Rue Abdena Iman Sehrawi Casablanca 
Rue Larizzi Casablanca 

85 Blvd Moulay Yosef Casablanca 

Le Leviathan 
Rue Mohammed Sedki Casablanca 

Meyer Falafel 
20, Rue Abou Bakr Baklani Casablanca 

Relais Gourmet 
16 Gauthier Casablanca 

Bd Moulay Abderrahmane, Casablanca

Le Cercle de l'alliance 
3 rue Melilia Rabat 

5, rue Erryad-Hassan, Rabat 

Mr. Gabbay Rabat 061986762

Centre Maimonide 
24 rue El Houssine el Khaddar Fez 

Restaurant Bar Astor 
20, Avenue Es-Sellaoui Fes 
JCC Fez 061256099


117 rue Mohamed El Bequal Marrakech 
Chabad Marrakech 

36 Derb El Manchoura (Synagogue El Azama) MARRAKECH