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Greek beauty in the ruins of the Acropolis.

In my experience, Athens is an incredible place, first of all you need to visit The Acropolis and its gardens which is a combination of ruins and facscinating relics in the underground museum. In the city down below, the Greeks go about their daily business in their cars and motorbikes and there is never a dull moment. If you want to stay in an area away from the bustling streets, you might like to discover some of the quiter side streets. The Greeks are very affable and always try to understand you. I was particularly charmed by the sight of the Piraeus Port workers who are dressed from head to toe in white.

Amorgos in the Aegean Sea

You may know the beautiful island of Amorgos from the french movie Le Grand Bleu, it is an island that can be reached after a ferry excursion of a few hours from Piraeus port in Athens. My souvenirs are of happy moments walking along paths around rocks and observing the neverending green turquoise sea. Local fishermen hang octopus out to dry on washing lines before frying them up. The basking sun in the afternoon urges you to take shade under a parasol with a fresh drink. 

Rhodes the historical wonder.

The island of Rhodes is well worth the long ferry journey from Piraeus, rich in history with the late night show of lights and a historical show in the gardens. You can enjoy kosher cheese and local kosher food. The jewellery market is a great place to find something to take home as a gift or even to remember your holiday.

The sweet island of Naxos

Staring out the window across the dip in the residential district of Naxos, with distant boats and chatting on the coast, I saw a line of bees heading to where I was. It turned out to be because I was sleeping in a room under a load of beehives. I had the chance to taste the honey which had quite a rare floral taste. I will never forget the dancers surrounded by locals and tourists. A great place for the family. 

Sifnos a perfect place for tranquility.

I was very charmed by Sifnos and the scenery, this is a super little island in The Clyclades. You can go hiking around the island and discovering the ingeniously built houses and buildings which stay fresh inside because of their white walls and small windows. The island also boasts a Kosher wine supplier make sure you check out the Narlis Farm in the middle of the island, then again why not head north west to the Vroulidia beach which is very idyllic. 

Mykonos welcome to this beautiful place.

The island of Mykonos is one of the nicest places on earth, with its beautiful scenery and it is a place for fun. You can dance and listen to music and it is a good idea to rent a Jet Ski in Kalaftis Bay and head out into the turquoise sea and take in the beauty.

Remembering the past of the Jewish community in Greece.

There are so some kosher restaurants and cafés, you are spoilt for choice. Athens is a place where Jewish history is remembered, honouring the victims of The Shoah which saw the population of 200,000 drop to 8,000 during the Second World War. You can learn more about this at The Jewish Museum of Greece at Nikis 39, Athina 105 57 . You will also enjoy visiting The Beth Shalom Synagogue in Athens was built in 1935 and is of great beauty..

Entertainment in Greece.

Why not head up to the Club Hotel Casino Loutraki for passover and play the tables. This is a great way to unwind after a hard day down the beach. It is also a way to meet up with some friends before heading to a restaurant for a bite to eat whilst watching the beautiful sunset. You can also check out To Club - Thérèse Laskar

List of Greek kosher places 


Telephone: (+30) 210 32 33 825 
Restaurant besari (meat) 
Greek traditional specialties 
under the supervision
of Rabbi Mendel Hendel


Synagogue Beth Shalom : 5, Melidoni St.

Chabad Lubavitch of Athens Greece
Aisopou 10 Athens, 10554 Greece
Téléphone: 30-210-323-3825

Jewish museum

Nikis 39, Athina 105 57, Grèce