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The Archipel of Thailand

The Archipel of Thailand includes 1430 islands. The best time of the year to visit for cultural sightseeing is between October to February which is the monsoon period when the cold wind blows down from China across Thailand.

Thailand is a wonderful place

Thailand is a wonderful place with sandy beaches and in case you didn’t know the word “KOH” means beach..... so you are likely to find a great number of places starting with KOH such as Koh Samui, Koh Lanta, Koh Muk, the list is endless so don’t be surprised if many many places begin with Koh because that’s what Thailand does best : white sandy beaches. If you’re looking to take your mind off everything and get away from it all and relax with your family and have a good time then Thailand is the place for you. A little tip: you arrive in an area and you find that the weather is not exactly how you like it then what we advise you to maybe try a different island because the weather can vary from one side of Thailand to the next.

Passover in Thailand

There is something for all the family at the Renaissance Pattaya Resort and Spa whether you are here for your kids to have a good time playing in the pool or kids club. If you just want to check out our spa and have a massage and take the weight off your feet then the Renaissance Pattaya is the place to come. It has recently been refurbished with state of the art pools, lighting and music amplification four complete pleasure.
This is a great place to go shopping or maybe chill out at the Pool Bar you might even want to have something really nice to eat and here we have Savor Mehadrin Kosher Le’pesach international dining area which is wonderful.
This is a wonderful opportunity for your children to discover the wonders of swimming with dolphins, it’s like a scene out of a film but in fact it’s reality come to Thailand and savour some magic moments with a selection of Kosher dishes which are for and your family to choose from.

Thailand great place to go

This is a great place to go shopping or maybe chill out at the Pool Bar, you might even want to have something really nice to eat and here we have Savor Mehadrin Kosher Le’pesach International dining area which is wonderful, there is a selection of kosher dishes which are for you and your family to choose from .
The waterslides in the Rama Yana waterpark have recently been added to South East Asia’s shopping list of places to check out. This is a great way of spending a day with or without your children depending on your mental age and enjoyment factor for splashing around in water.

Ramayana what I particularly enjoyed was the Pattaya underwater world which was really cool because you can see fish close-up, walk under the aquariums and check out some sharks, it might be a bit frightening for children but don’t worry you can soon calm them down with an ice cream or a lollipop.
other things worth checking out the Khao Heow zoo which  has a giant panda.
Among other things worth checking out is the Kiteboarding down on the beach or The Khao Kheow Zoo which has a giant panda and some flamingos and her lot of wonderful birds and reptiles.

List of Thai kosher places 


96 Ram Buttri Rd., Kaosarn Rd., Banglampoo.
Bangkok 10200 
Tel: 662 629 2754-5 


Ohr Menachem - Chabad House
96 Ram Buttri Rd. Banglampoo Bangkok Thailand 10200
Tel: (66) 2 629-2770 

Chabad of Koh-Samui

39/8 Chaweng Beach Moo 3 T.Bophut 
Koh Samui, Surrattanni 84320 Thailand

Telephone: (66) 81 824 0588 

Chabad of Chiang Mai
189/15 Chang-Clan Road 
Chiang Mai, Thailand 
Telephone: (66) 81 989 4438

Chabad of Phuket
9/6 Rat-u-thit 200 Pee Road
Patong, Kathu, Phuket

Chabad of Laos
Oupparath Xiengkong Road, BanVisoun,
Luang Prabang 01000 
Telephone: +856 (0)20 29 308 959