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Why should you absolutely travel to France?

The list of reasons to visit France is endless! The world’s most visited country is blessed with stunning landscape comprising of Alpine mountains, beautiful meadows, farms, rivers and spectacular sea coast. France is the leading light in our planet’s culture, performing arts and gastronomy. It has given the world the idea of “liberty, equality and justice” along with several other cultural imports. Paris, its capital city, is filled with baroque palaces, art-nouveau architecture and spectacular public squares. Eiffel Tower continues to be the cultural symbol of France while the Champs Elysees remains the heart and soul of Paris.
However, Paris is not the only destination, move north and you will be greeted by beautiful meadows and D-Day beaches. Down south is filled with beautiful Mediterranean Sea coast and cities of Nice, Cannes, Marseilles, St. Tropez etc. Everywhere you move in France, geography changes and with it, changes the flavours of French cuisine. Cultural performances and art still dominates the country which is evident in the number of painters, poets and writers sharing the most beautiful spots with the tourists.
Speaking of Paris, the city of Paris is best known for its spectacular monuments: Le Louvres, The Eiffel Tower, the Grand Palais, the Palace of Versailles and many others ... In Paris, you will find many synagogues, you will enjoy over 300 kosher restaurants and you will find some hotels where you can do Shabbos.
There is a museum on Judaism in Paris, a Shoah memorial and many places specialized in learning Torah. In France, there are more than 600,000 members of the Jewish community. The main towns in France with a high level of Jewish community members are Paris, Lyon, Marseilles, Strasbourg & Deauville.

Your Passover & Summer in France

In August there are many kosher clubs which are available for you in the mountains due to the fact that there is no snow. There are less people so it's a great opportunity for having more space. Particularly in results such as 2 Alpes and Alpes d'Hiver. At the time of Pesach there are  many Kosher holidays in the mountains and the South in France in
places such as Canne or Juan Les Pins. 

Jewish neighborhoods in Paris in France

- St Paul / Le Marais, a historic Jewish (Ashkenazi) district of Paris, also nicknamed "Le Pletz"
- Belleville / Ménilmontant & 19th arrondissement of Paris which is also a historic Jewish district. On rue Manin it is a great area for you to take a stroll, you will find shops and kosher restaurants in a very friendly district. You also have many Synagogues there.
- St Mandé, Charenton, Vincennes located in the south of Paris.
- Voltaire, Sentier, and the 11th arrondissement of Paris. On the Boulevard Voltaire you will find many shops and Kosher restaurants.
- Trocadéro / Victor Hugo and the 16th arrondissement of Paris. The perfect area is if you want to immerse yourself in a rich in cultural mix surrounded by very chic people.

Eat Kosher in Paris

The only restaurant in Paris that draws a visit from Lenny Kravitz is As du Falafel in Le Marais. Great value and great buzzing atmosphere, don't worry about waiting, here the young and handsome servers keep you happy from start to finish. A wonderful place, if it is overcrowded you can chat with the happy folk in the line outside.Take a look at the list below to find a selection of some of the best ones.

Great places to go to

Some of the sights which are a winner with the Jewish community are the Loire Chateaus and of course The Eiffel Tower which has a great view and never disappoints.
Why not see the most famous portrait ever painted La Monalisa for that you will need to go to Le Louvre.
There are so many places to go if you simply want to let your hair down and spend a bit of money shopping. The metro Sevres Babylone leads up to some of the most prestigious shops. You can often to bump into some stars over for the day. Happy shopping!!

List of French kosher places 


French Kosher restaurants:


As du Falafel
32-34 Rue des Rosiers, 75004 Paris

Tikoun Olam
136 Avenue Daumesnil, 75012 Paris

161 Rue Manin, 75019 Paris

12 Rue d'Héliopolis, 75017 Paris

Le Vosges 
16 Place des Vosges, 75004 Paris

Les Garçons Bouchers 
33 Avenue Philippe Auguste, 75011 Paris

159 Rue Manin, 75019 Paris

18 Rue des Ecouffes, 75004 Paris

René & Gabin 
92 Boulevard de Belleville, 75020 Paris

Le Chilo 
14 Rue Manin, 75019 Paris

Kahn Famous Deli
105 Rue de Prony, 75017 Paris

9 Rue Gustave Zédé, 75016 Paris

Chez Michel
21 Rue Médéric, 75017 Paris

13 Rue Rennequin, 75017 Paris

46 Rue Chaptal, 92300 Levallois-Perret

71 Rue Jeanne d'Arc, 94160 Saint-Mandé

Bozen Charenton
195 bis Rue de Paris, 94220 Charenton-le-Pont


Le Kineret 
37 bis Avenue Georges Clemenceau, 06000 Nice

Meat Bar
13 Rue Andrioli, 06000 Nice

Le Leviathan
29 Boulevard Raimbaldi, 06000 Nice

Le 49 Street
49 Rue Rossini, 06000 Nice

Le Cosy
60 Rue Dabray, 06000 Nice


Le Missada
6 Rue Guillaume Brochon, 33000 Bordeaux

Le Tâam 
15 Rue Castillon, 33000 Bordeaux


Jewish Observant Friendly Hotels in France:

Hôtel Aida Opéra
11 Rue Richer, 75009 Paris, France
01 45 23 11 11

Hôtel Lebron
4 Rue Lamartine, 75009 Paris, France
01 48 78 75 52

Hôtel Touring Paris
21 Rue Buffault, 75009 Paris, France
01 48 78 09 16

Mom'art Hotel & Spa
42 Rue d'Orsel, Paris, 75018, France

Apart'hotel Adagio Paris Buttes Chaumont
3 - 5 Cours du 7ème art, Paris, 75019, France

Art Hotel
98 Rue D'Hauteville, Paris, 75010, France

Banke Hotel
20 Rue la Fayette, Paris, 75009, France

Eiffeil Trocadéro Hotel
35 Rue Benjamin Franklin, Paris, 75016, France

Grand Hotel Malher
5 Rue Malher, Paris, 75004, France

Hipotel Paris Voltaire Bastille
132 Boulevard Voltaire, Paris, 75011, France

Hotel de La Bretonnerie 
22 Rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie 04 Arr., Paris, 75004, France

Hotel Dupond-Smith
2 rue des Guillemites, Paris, 75004 , France

Hotel Maison FL
6 Rue de la Tour, Paris, 75016, France